Meeting Dates

  • Coronavirus.

During this time of essential Social Distancing, normal Council meetings will not take place. (The Meeting scheduled for 17 March did not take place as it was impossible to get a quorum.)

The Government has passed legislation to permit “Virtual” meetings, which members of the public are welcome to “attend”.

Agendas for meetings will be published as usual on the Council website,, and will contain instructions on how to join the meeting.


The Parish Council usually meets monthly on the third Tuesday of the month. Meetings are held at 7.30 p.m. in the Whinburgh & Westfield Parish Pavilion, Whinburgh Playing Field, Shop Street, Whinburgh.

Members of the public, and especially parishioners are invited to attend meetings, and each agenda includes a session where they can raise any matter of parish interest. If possible, questions will be answered immediately, but anything which requires a Council decision will have to wait until a subsequent meeting. The Council cannot legally make any decision unless the item has been included on the Agenda.

It may be necessary to arrange an additional meeting on occasions, and alternatively, if there is no urgent business to discuss a scheduled meeting may not take place. The Agenda for a meeting will be published on this website about a week before a meeting, and parishioners are always advised to check on the site or the parish notice boards before coming to the Pavilion.

Schedule of Meetings

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